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Get all the information you need for work on the spot.

Visualize your customers on the go

You can register and see all your customers, clients, and partners on the map in the app. Sort by sales volume, rank, potential/existing clients, or the day when you last visited. You can even register your favorite lunch spot!

Optimize your travel schedule

Instead of planning your day’s schedule based on a calendar, you can plan out your schedule on the map, making sure that your route is as efficient as possible. The user-friendly visualization of your customers on the map makes it easy
to make additional stops in-between scheduled visits.

Share & cooperate with your teammates

As you create and manage teams, you can share your information such as customer data, reports, schedules, and travel histories with your teammates in real time. Invite them to your team, and make work faster and easier.

Send messages from the web interface

Using the web interface, send messages directly to your teammates. In case of urgent calls from customers, you can easily locate the nearest teammate and direct them to the site that needs assistance.

Export data and integrate with systems

GPS Punch!® is able to integrate with any existing system such as spreadsheets, SFAs, other cloud applications, and custom made CRMs. Accelerate your business by connecting your services with GPS Punch!®

Voices from Our Customers
"Intuitive interface design, fast response"

We first thought it was going to be hard for our sales team to incorporate such new service, but the interface of the app is so easy to use, we had no problem. We mapped out all our customers, and for the first time we could visualize them easily, which increased our sales efficiency.
- Leader, Sales Team. Vision, Inc.

House call
"Significant ROI for our house call staff"

Before GPS Punch!®, we had our mobile staff report to us by phone - all 300 of them. Now, they tap a single button and we can see everything from the Web. The cost reduction was huge, and our staff are happy without having to make calls.
- Head of Management. Japan Dental Visit Association

Media Features / Collaborations
In April 2014, GPS Punch!® won the prestigious MCPC Award for its excellence in bringing mobile innovation to businesses. GPS Punch!® was praised for "raising work productivity, improving employee performance, elevating customer satisfaction, and contributing to the local community."
Frequently Asked Questions
How many teammates can I add?

You can have up to five people on your team. If you would like to add more, simply upgrade your plan from the web interface, or contact us for assistance.

other features
What other features are expected to be released?

GPS Punch!® will incorporate geo-fencing, messaging, trophies, goal setting, ranking, and drastically improved battery retention algorithms.

link GPS Punch!
Can I link GPS Punch!® to other systems?

Yes, GPS Punch!® is able to integrate with spreadsheets, SFAs, other cloud applications, and custom made CRMs.

global use
Can I use this service globally?

Yes, GPS Punch!® works even in countries where the use of standard mapping applications are prohibited. In such cases, GPS Punch!® will use map data from authorized map services.

supported devices
Which smart devices are supported?

GPS Punch!® operates on iPhones/iPads (iOS 6.0 and up), and Android (Android 2.3.3 and up). Contact us for a detailed list of operable devices.

Is my data safe?

We use industry standard encryption algorithms in all data transmissions. All collected data on the servers is securely stored using SHA-256 and AES 128bit encryption.

How long will my battery last?

The battery will last an average working day (8~12 hours) with the auto tracking setting on. (Battery drain will differ depending on the device and other applications being used.)

starting GPS Punch!
How do I start using this service?

In order to use the full app and web features, contact us and we will help you get started. To use the app only, simply download the app from the App Store or Googleplay.

About the Company
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